Technical Sessions

Special Sessions

Session No Session Convener/s
1. Space Agencies: Future Ocean Remote Sensing Missions by various space agencies Dr. Kristina Katsaros (USA)
Dr. V. K. Dadhwal (India)
2. Societal applications of Ocean Remote Sensing Dr. T. Srinivas Kumar (India)
Mr. Pattabhi Ramarao (India)
3. Contributions of Oceansat-2 (Sensor, Retrieval, Cal/Val & Applications) Dr. Raj Kumar (India)
4. In-situ radiance measurements for ocean colour remote sensing in coastal waters Dr. K.H. Rao (India)
Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar (India)
Dr. A.K. Shukla (India)
5. Trichodesmium phenomenon Dr. Jim Gower (Canada)
Dr. Ajit Subramanian (USA)
Dr. Aneesh A. Lotliker (India)
6. Bio-optical properties and algorithms for the coastal and estuarine waters Dr. H.B. Menon (India)
7. Remote Sensing Applications in Marine Ecosystem studies including algal bloom monitoring Prof. N.R. Menon (India)
Dr. Lasse H.Pettersson (Norway)
Prof. Trevor Platt (UK)
Dr.Shubha Satyendranath (UK)
8. Precision Fisheries and Aquaculture using Remote Sensing and GIS Dr. Sei-Ichi Saitoh (Japan)
Dr. Beena Kumari (India)
Dr. Ming-An (Taiwan)
9. & 12. Air-Sea Interactions
Turbulent and Radiative Fluxes Estimated from Remotely Sensed Data
Dr. Naoto Ebuchi (Japan)
Dr. Masahisa Kubota (Japan)
Dr. Abderrahim Bentamy (France)
Dr. A. M. Mestas-Nunez (USA)
Dr. K. Katsaros (USA)
Dr. R. T. Pinker (USA)
10. Tropical cyclones Prof. Leonard Mitnik (Russia)
Dr. Peter Black (USA)
Dr. M. Mohapatra (India)
11. Role of Ocean Thermal Structure on Tropical Cyclone Intensification Dr. M M Ali (India)
Dr. Gustavo Goni (USA)
13. Intra-seasonal variability of Asian Summer Monsoon Prof. P.V.Joseph (India)
Prof. Ola M. Johannessen (Norway)
Dr. Annalisa Cherchi (Italy)
14. Aerosols and Climate Dr. H.B. Menon (India)
15. Ocean Winds Dr. Werner Alpers (Germany)
Dr. B.S. Gohil (India)
16. Calibration and validation of satellite data Dr. R. Venkatesan (India)
Dr. A.K. Shukla (India)
17. & 18. Satellite altimetry from the open ocean to coast
Satellite Altimetry
Dr. Guoqi Han (Canada)
Dr. Stefano Vignudelli (Italy)
Dr. H. Bonekamp (Germany)
Dr. Raj Kumar (India)
Prof. D. Stammer (Germany)
19. SARAL-Altika (ISRO-CNES Joint Programme on Altimeter) Dr. R.M. Gairola (India)
Dr. Jacqes Verron (France)
20. & 21. Oceanographic applications of SAR-I
Oceanographic applications of SAR-II
Dr. Andrei Ivanov (Russia)
Dr. Antony K. Liu (USA)
Prof. Ming-Kuang Hsu (Taiwan)
Dr. Xiaofeng Li (USA)
22. Satellite-based research on oceanic planetary waves: Recent Advances and open questions Dr. Tatyana Belonenko (Russia)
Dr. P. Cipollini (UK)
23. & 24. Observed Changes in the Frozen Oceans
Remote Sensing for Polar Sciences
Joey Comiso (USA)
Prof. P C Pandey (India)
Dr. A.J. Luis (India)
Prof.Ola M. Johannessen (Norway)/
Prof.Stein Sandven (Norway)
25. Tsunami Disasters, Impacts and Early Warning Dr. Ramesh Singh (USA)
Dr. Y. Tony Song (USA)
Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar (India)
26. Role of Oceans in Carbon and Water Cycle Dr. W. Timothy Liu (USA)
Dr. V.V.S.S. Sarma (India)
27. Indian Ocean Observations and Modelling Dr. D. Shankar (India)
Dr. P.N. Vinayachandran (India)
28. Ocean remote sensing data management and dissemination Mr. E. Pattabhi Rama Rao (India)
Dr. Rama Krishnan (India)
29. Operational Oceanography/ Ocean Forecasting Dr. M. Ravichandran (India)
Dr. T. M. Balakrishnan Nair (India)
30. Megha-Tropiques Dr. Pradip K Pal (India)
Dr. Remy Roca (France)

Topics of General Sessions

  • Multi-sensor studies in ocean remote sensing
  • Remote sensing for hazard warnings and mitigation
  • Climate change and oceans
  • Remote sensing and GIS for coastal zone management
  • Remote sensing of atmospheric aerosols
  • Monsoons
  • Oceanic processes
  • Remote sensing of estuaries and coastal seas
  • Acoustic Oceanography
  • Ocean Observations
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