Pre-Conference Tutorial


List of Selected Participants for Pre-Conference Tutorial

Logistic Information

Duration :

5 Days

Dates :

30 October - 03 November, 2012


Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), Kochi, Kerala, India.


The tutorial will focus on active microwave and ocean colour remote sensing. The tutorial will include theory sessions, laboratory practical, field trip and hands on data processing of Ocean Colour, Scatterometer, Altimeter and Synthetic Aperture radar (SAR). The trainees are also expected to carry out a mini project focusing on the topics covered. The tutorials will be conducted in two parallel sessions; one focusing on Ocean Colour Remote Sensing and other on active microwave remote sensing.

Eligibility and Prospects:

The training program is open to young scientists/teachers (below the age of 35 years), post-graduate fellows, and doctoral students involved in oceanographic work with specific reference to ocean colour and microwave remote sensing. In some circumstances applications from undergraduate and masters students will also be considered. The training programme is open to 20 participants from India and 10 participants from abroad. The trainees are expected to have basic knowledge of either ocean remote sensing along with basic computer skills. Preference will be given to the candidates already pursuing their research or building a career in the above topics. Equal number of the candidates will be selected for each stream based on their interest on either ocean colour or active microwave remote sensing.

Tentative Time Table:

The time schedule of the training programme is given below:

Event Date
First AnnouncementApril 16, 2012
Second AnnouncementApril 30, 2012
Last Date for Receipt of ApplicationsMay 31, 2012
Completion of Screening ProcessJune 15, 2012
Intimation to Successful CandidatesJune 30, 2012
Start of Training ProgrammeOctober 30, 2012
End of Training ProgrammeNovember 03, 2012

This training programme is offered through:

Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference (PORSEC) - 2012

In Association with:

Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS)

Space Applications Centre (SAC)

National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC)

Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology (CMLRE)

Hosted by:

Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT)

Pre-Conference Tutorial Committee:

S.No Committee Member E-mail
1. Dr. T. Srinivas Kumar, INCOIS (Co-chair)
2. Dr. Raj Kumar, SAC (Co-chair)
3. Mr. K. Hanumantha Rao, NRSC
4. Dr. Tune Usha, ICMAM-PD
5. Dr. R. Sajeev, CUSAT
6. Dr. G.V.M. Gupta, CMLRE
7. Dr. C. Revichandran, NIO-RC
8. Dr. Aneesh Lotlikar, INCOIS
9. Dr. Stephanie King, SOC, PORSEC
10. Dr. P. Muhamed Ashraf, CIFT

Proposed Guest Instructors:

S.No Code Lecture Topics Instructor
1. LB-01 Introduction to Ocean Colour Remote Sensing Part-I Trevor Platt
2. LB-02 Introduction to Ocean Colour Remote Sensing Part-II Shubha Sathyendranath
3. LB-03 General Scattering Theory Prinicples of Microwave Radiometry Basics of Ocean Remote Sensing Raj Kumar
4. LB-04 Principles of Microwave Radiometry Principles of Active Microwave Sensing & Scattering Raj Kumar
5. LO-01 Primary Production Part-I Trevor Platt
6. LO-02 Optical Properties of the Sea Shubha Sathyendranath
7. LO-03 Algorithms for Ocean Colour Shubha Sathyendranath
8. LO-04 Primary Production Part-II Trevor Platt
9. LO-05 Phytoplankton Community Structure from Space Shubha Sathyendranath
10. LO-06 Applications of Ocean Colour to Management of the Marine Ecosystem Trevor Platt
11. LM-01 Basics of Scatterometry Abderrahim Bentamy
12. LM-02 Applications of Scatterometry Abderrahim Bentamy
13. LM-03 Basics of SAR Werner Alpers
14. LM-04 Applications of SAR Leonid Mitnik
15. LM-05 Basics of Altimetry Raj Kumar
16. LM-06 Applications of Altimetry Raj Kumar

S.No Code Practical Topics Instructor
1. PO-01 Ocean Colour Satellite data source, availability and format Jim Gower
2. PO-02 Processing of OCM-2 data using SeaDas for retrieval of Chl and TSM and inter comparison of Chl retrieved using different bio-optical algorithms K.H. Rao / Nagamani
3. PO-03
4. PO-04
5. PO-05 Generation of Primary Productivity maps using satellite data Mini Raman
6. PO-06
7. PS-01 Processing Scatterometer data Abderrahim Bentamy
8. PS-02
9. PA-01 Processing Altimeter data Rishi K. Gangwar
10. PA-02
11. PR-01 Processing SAR data Werner Alpers
12. PR-02 Leonid Mitnik
13. AO-01 Analysis of in situ optical data generated onboard Aneesh Lotliker
14. AM-01 Analysis of in situ microwave data generated onboard Rishi K. Gangwar
15. FO One day feild trip comprising demonstration of hyperspectral radiometer and water sample collection Aneesh Lotliker
16. FM One day feild trip comprising demonstration of CTD, AWS & other oceanographic instruments Rishi K. Gangwar

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