Call for Sessions

The conference will be conducted through various plenary and technical sessions relevant to the conference theme "Ocean Remote Sensing for Well-being of All".

We are now inviting proposals for technical sessions that are relevant to all areas of ocean remote sensing. The proposals for technical sessions should be limited to 500 words and state the present status, scientific and technological challenges addressed and discuss the future scope of work. The proposal should also indicate the approximate number of speakers. In case more proposals are received, the Organizing Committee may combine some of the sessions according to the subject area. Once the session is accepted by the Organizing Committee, the proposer of the session will act as Session Coordinator/Convenor to organise the session in collaboration with the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee, based on the proposals received, will provide time slots for the Session Coordinators/Convenor to conduct the sessions. It is expected that each Coordinator will get a minimum of 90 minutes slot to conduct the session.

The proposals on technical sessions are to be submitted to the Chairman, PORSEC-2012 Organizing Committee at Please mention "Proposal for New Technical Session – PORSEC2012" in the subject of the e-mail.

Submission of Session Proposals is closed

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