Guidelines for Presenters

The success of PORSEC-2012 conference is centred on the smooth conduct of all scientific sessions through systematic and timely presentations to convey the best results by each presenter, which will be well received and reciprocated by honoured delegates, with meaningful discussions. We shall venture our best to fully facilitate a healthy atmosphere, conducive to the spirit and theme of this conference.


  1. Each oral presenter will get 10 minutes to present their work and 2 minutes for interaction. In view of large number of presentations no extra time will be given. The presenter has to strictly complete their talk within 10 minutes.

  2. Lead speaker (Key note speaker) will get 20 minutes for oral presentation and 4 minutes for discussions. Session convenors will identify and introduce the lead speakers.

  3. Presenters are requested to use at least 18 size font for all the text material. We encourage incorporating colourful slides with good contrast to highlight your valuable results as this conference which mainly deals with remote sensed data.

  4. Presenters should bring their presentations only in low capacity USB memory stick (NOT a portable HDD of large size this practically helps to reduce scan time for viruses) or CD/DVD. Personal laptops / Tablets / LCD or other devices will not be allowed for presentation.

  5. All the authors are requested to upload their PowerPoint presentations one day before their scheduled presentation. However, for first day presenter, the presentation has to be uploaded before lunch break.

  6. Authors will have the opportunity to verify their presentations before the start of respective sessions. Please co-operate to this request to avoid last minute hurry / failures in reading files / virus infections / other logistical problems. Authors may also check their files well in advance too, but please give priority to those who are about to make their presentations.

  7. Any request for re-scheduling of presentation timings / sessions will not be entertained. However, in unavoidable circumstances, rescheduling the presentations within the sessions may be permitted by the session chairs.

  8. An option is being worked out to alert each speaker of his / her balance time of 2 minutes at the end of 8 minutes of the oral presentation.

  9. A detailed schedule of individual oral presentation will be available very soon through the "Detailed Scientific Event Programs" in the web site as well as by email.


  1. Maximum allocated space for poster display will be 1 meter (width) X 1.5 meter (height).

  2. The poster title, author(s) and affiliation(s) should appear at the top. The announcement should be clear and understandable. Contents should be in this order: introduction, purpose, methods, results and conclusion. Posters with legible print are encouraged with colour figures.

  3. There will be short precis-poster sessions in each scientific session. In this session poster presenter can make 2 minutes short presentation in 2 slides.

  4. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will provide all the accessories needed for fixing the posters.

  5. Scheduling of individual posters will be available very soon through the "Detailed Scientific Event Programs" in the web site and, also by email.

  6. Each poster should be displayed only on assigned date on the poster board. At the end of the day the poster presenter can remove it and carry with them, otherwise the LOC will remove it for the next day presenter.

  7. Posters should be displayed in the space provided for this purpose inside the hall, in which their session is scheduled.

  8. Poster presenter have to stick their posters on the previous day, after 17.15 hrs. The posters in the first day may be fixed before lunch break. LOC will not allow sticking poster during any technical sessions, since the poster display board will be in the same oral session hall.


  1. All oral and poster presenters are requested to occupy seats in their halls 5 minutes prior to the start of sessions to avoid last minute rush and minimise clatter noise as open announcements are made for the start of sessions.

  2. Chair / Co-chair are specifically requested to strictly follow the time schedules in the case of each presenter; in an inadvertent situation, the absence of an oral presenter may be compensated by prolonging the discussion time of previous presenter(s) or invite alternate scientific deliberations by chair / audience choice and NOT by advancing or alternatively substituting a speaker from down the order or otherwise by another presentation this guideline is offered keeping in mind the rightful selection by delegates who have opted to be present and participate for a particular presentation in a session, while time-sharing various presentations across multiple sessions, simultaneously. Please do co-operate in this respect.

  3. Use of MOBILE phones / SIM enabled TABLETS or such devices which will interfere with conduct of sessions will not be permitted. Please power off these devices or ensure that they are kept in silent mode; in case of utmost urgency, please move out of the hall quietly and respond to the call.

Our humble but purposeful request to all is to offer your fullest co-operation for the smooth conduct of oral and poster proceedings.

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